Kimak ngey’engguh? Welcome to the Kungarakan Cultural and Education Association (KCEA) website. The KCEA is a not-for-profit Aboriginal community organisation based in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. KCEA members are descendants of Alyandabu (Ulnyunduboo) who by coming together with hope to strengthen cultural values, language and connection with traditional country whilst working towards the advancement of a rich heritage of leadership and achievement in the wider community.

 Kungarakan people are the registered traditional owners of the Finniss River Land Trust (FRLT) in the  Fitzmaurice Region of the Northern Territory and Little Wagait (Delissaville Wagait Larrakia Aboriginal Land Trust).

Traditionally, Kungarakan country extended from Berry Springs, Litchfield Park, Wagait, Batchelor, Rum Jungle and  Adelaide River regions. Like many other Aboriginal people, Kungarakan people suffered the impacts of colonisation and genocide resulting in the dispossession of their country.

Since the event of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (1976), Kungarakan were able to reclaim some of their traditional lands back in 1981 through the lengthy  Finniss River Land Claim.

Whilst the  Aboriginal Land Rights Act (1976) recognised Kungarakan connection to country, it is recognised that other Aboriginal groups have a ‘historical’ connection to the land under the ‘white man’s law’. These groups were able to claim a connection to the land through various ways, but mainly through their descendants who followed the Chinese and European miners on their exploits on mineral-rich  Lok Kungarakan ensuring mass migration from nearby regions. 

Kungarakany people were known and often referred to as the  Paperbark people.  Kungarakany Gini are freshwater people,  evident through the abundant waterholes and underground aquifers connected to  Kungarakan sacred sites and  Dreamtime stories.  

 Popular tourist areas such as Buely Rockhole, Tolmer, Florence and Wangi Falls, including the Berry Springs Nature Park and the  Territory Wildlife Park are sites of cultural significance to the Kungarakan people.

Lok Kungarakan (Coomalie)  played a significant role in the WWII effort in protecting Australia.  For more information about the history of the region can be view here ‘Coomalie Short Story’


Current Management Committee

Names of our current (2022-2023) Management Committee 
Name Role
Helen Bishop Chairperson
Mia Stanford Vice Chairperson
Trudy Avlonitis Secretary
Skylie Monck Treasurer
Lyndsay McGuinness Public Officer
Greg Ludwig Ordinary
Lucille Patullo   Ordinary
Robert Ludwig Ordinary

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