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Tjalak for Midada – Joyce McGinness

Tjalak Kungarakan Almiyook Lookrukin

Midada Joyce McGinness

The Patullo-McGinness families will be undertaking our mothers Tjalak on country at Batchelor in March 2019. This ceremony and celebration of our mother’s life will take place at Raymond’s place at Cheryl’s Alyandabu Family area.

  • When: Saturday March 16th
  • Time: Midday 11:00 am
  • Tjalak: Ceremony Activities 1 pm

In discussions with Patj Patj Robert Mills (Kungarakan ceremony man) and other McGuinness/McGinness family Elders, we plan to undertake a naming ceremony for Kungarakan children and adults who do not have names or wanting to go through the ceremony, like what we did at Darwin River at Aunty Violets block.  We have been planning the ceremony and hoping to involve some Gurindji people to attend/participate in the ceremony and extended families and friends of our mother from across the NT and beyond.

This is a choice for individual families to make. We understand many families have done their own naming and that’s fine as well. If you have any families who want to be involved in the naming ceremony, can you contact Cheryl, Zoe, Vern and Robert Mills.

The Patullo family invite all and would appreciate if you get back to us before the 28th February so naming research can be undertaken by designated family members.

These names will be made available to our elders to both ensure the name is available, approved and agreed upon by our elders in our McGuiness-McGinness family structures.

A BBQ will take place after, light snacks, water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee will be made available during the day. We will have some shade and some seating for the Elderly.

To assist us it would be helpful if you can bring your own chairs, hat, insect repellent, medication or personal needs.

Cheryl 0499992154 E: mickandcheryl007@gmail.com
Vernon 0499577541 E: reverend2107@gmail.com
Zoe 0428509989 E: fitzosboutique@bigpond.com



To acknowledge our mother’s role/hierarchical status as the first daughter of Jack and Violet Wakelin/McGinness, acknowledging both Gurindji and Kungarakan Families. Our mother is the most
senior Gurindji lady and the most senior Kungarakan women of the Jack McGinness Clan.  The Patullo family want you all to come together as one and join our celebration over this weekend.


Rays house/Cheryl’s family area for those who are attending the Tjalak.

  • Zoe’s house will be available for Elders support and general rests breaks.
  • Vernon’s block will be set up as an overnight camping area.
  • There will be fire places and shelters erected
  • There is rental accommodation in Batchelor for those wanting to stay for the weekend and will be negotiating with businesses for a discounted rate.
  • We will start proceedings around noon light snacks with BBQ after.
  • Markers will indicate area’s


It is important for the younger generation and will help Kungarakan people continue our cultural practices.

The names will be recorded and forwarded to participants and the KCEA for the register. Please contact us if you require information and it is important that names are submitted by the due date for approval by Elders.

Family wanting to be included in the naming ceremony please advise ASAP and no later than the 28th  February 2019 of a suggested name which will need to be passed and approved by the Elders prior to the day giving enough time for amendments if necessary. Information for names will be forwarded on request on the above contact numbers.

Cheryl 0499992154 E: mickandcheryl007@gmail.com
Vernon 0499577541 E: reverend2107@gmail.com
Zoe 0428509989 E: fitzosboutique@bigpond.com