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Wanala 2018

The Kungarakan Culture & Education Association proudly sponsored the  2018 Western and Northern Aboriginal Languages Alliance Forum  held at Batchelor Insitute, Batchelor.

The theme for the 2018 forum was ‘The Language of Art & The Art of Language’. 

This was a historical event in living memory as Kungarakany Elders and Wadeye Elders exchanged gifts with the  Wadeye Dancers officiating the event.  PatjPatj welcomed Wadeye Elders, students, Batchelor Institute staff and visiting members from the 15 Wanala Language Centres.

What better time to launch the “Living and Breathing Kungarakan’ Language project.  Living and Breathing Kungarakan was officially launched acknowledging the  partnership between Batchelor Institute and the Kungarakan Culture and Education Association.   The language grant was secured  from AAITSIS as a direct result from  Helen Bishops Ph.D endeavours.

2019 will be a big year.   Kimek!